05 May, 2010

Watery Wednesday: Circular Quay, Sydney

So many of my photographs feature water it was only a matter of time before I posted onto Watery Wednesday. 

At Circular Quay in Sydney you will find a series of fountains depicting the Australian bushlife around waterways.  I must have walked past them hundreds of times when I worked in the city without really stopping to take a look. I like how a camera makes me slow down.

Lizard Fight
Back off Big Nose.  I'll have you!

Circular Quay Fountain
Bubbles and cascades
Have a look at the other submissions to Watery Wednesday and let the water relax you.


  1. Great shot. I have a few photos of it but this is a different perspective.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  2. I've never noticed it myself! I must have a look next time!

  3. wow, you've captured water so beautifully! excellent shots!

  4. Top water-macro!
    Happy WW!

  5. This is indeed great shot and very informative blog

  6. Oh my gosh...two fantastic photos!!!! Stunning.

    We went birding last week...today's post for my blog is all kinds of coastal bird photos. Do take a side trip over to my place if you can find some time to view many waterfowl.


    Have a super day my friend.

  7. Now that's one of the most unique fountains I've ever seen! Quite interesting!

  8. Beautiful water shot! IT's very refreshing :-)

    Check mine HERE! :-)

  9. Great shots.Wonderfully captured. I love it

  10. Lovely images - I should like to visit there one day.

  11. It is a very detailed sculpture that rewards time walking around it from every which angle. Yes, I like how a camera makes me slow down and notice the detail. Nice shot of the bubbling water here, Vicki.