31 May, 2010

Macro Monday: Kaffir Lime

It's still raining and everything is wet.  In the end I gave up and this weeks macro photo is a soggy Kaffir Lime.  Kaffir Limes are more famous for their leaves which taste brilliant in a Thai curry.  The fruit isn't good for eating or juicing so I don't usually bother collecting them (I'm a lazy gardener).

Kaffir Lime

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  1. This shot is like some personal glimpse of a tropical, well-watered jungle! Great macro!

  2. Great shot! It looks like refreshing to me after we have 89F temp today! Wheww! Happy Monday!

    MM~My Iris

  3. Wow, gorgeous shot! Poor little fruit that so often ignored - but it is a beauty isn't it?

  4. Beautiful - looks positively lush!

  5. Oh my gosh....not only such a unique fruit but the photo itself is outstanding.

    My Macro Lantana is HERE I do hope you can stop by to visit with me today.

  6. Cool picture with all that rain poring down on the Kaffir Lime :)
    Here it has been cold and rainy almost all weekend , bit today it´s about +20 celcius and the sun is shining.
    Lucky me has a free day today :)
    Thank´s for your comment on my clock !
    Have a nice monday !

  7. Beautiful shot!

    We plant it here, eat it..and sell it too.

    My Bangkok Through My Eyes

  8. However the fruit looks nice in the rain :-)
    I can imagine how great it must be to pickfresh leaves for cooking, all I might get here are very very dry and boring ones :-(

    christina, sweden

  9. I've never heard of Kaffir Lime... nice learning something new, thanks! Great Shot... ummm I love Curry. My Cousin makes the best Goat Curry. Tasted it when they came to visit.

  10. That lime looks a bit like a green brain! And why gather the fruits if they don't taste good? Leave them and gather the leaves -- and make me some curry! Yum!

  11. Very interesting! It's unusual that the fruit is not the thing wanted, but the leaves instead. Very nice photo!

  12. Super macro!
    Love that it is enhanced with the rain - nicely done.
    Thanks for your visit. :)

  13. I love the smell of kaffir leaves in my cooking!