23 May, 2010

Scenic Sunday: Tropical Sunrise

I haven't been able to post many blogs in the last couple weeks.  I have had an assignment that was due and I was so easily distracted I needed to ban the blog until it was finished. 

Today is a grey rainy day in Sydney and I'd much rather curl up on the sofa with a book than go outside and take some photos.  On days like these I search the archives for something a little special from a past holiday.  These shots were taken while on holiday in Papua New Guinea.  I'm not sure why I was awake at this time of the morning but it was worth it.

Resthorf Island PNG
Resthorf Island, New Britain Island - Papua New Guinea

I was always amazed when, just as I thought we were miles from anywhere, someone would turn up in a canoe.

Out for an early morning paddle.

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  1. I hope you got your wish and that the book you're reading is good.
    These photos are really beautiful. I love the one of the sunrise.

  2. Beautiful photos! I hope you got your assignment done.

  3. Beautiful scene. Great captures. Love the blue water, pink sky and the reflections.

  4. The top picture is very colorful! Very scenic.