16 May, 2010

Sunday in My City: Cabramatta

Lunch is special on Sunday. As winter approaches one of my favourite places to go for lunch is Cabramatta. Cabramatta is a suburb of Sydney with a large Vietnamese community and you can get the best Phở (beef noodle soup) this side of Ho Chi Minh City.

Cabramatta has a image problem. It was once an area with a reputation for drug related crime but I don't often see any indication that this is still a problem.  Over the years the migrant population have prospered and I feel a sense of progress when I visit the area now. 
Freedom Plaza
Lion standing guard outside freedom plaza.

My lunch.  I'm not much of a food stylist so please forgive the limp basil poking out the top.
Birds Eye Chillies
These chillies could kill a horse.
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  1. These images are realy hot!! well done Vicky, very informative stuff and pictures! Thanks for visiting samos too :) My regards to the samian community :))

  2. Oh wow your lunch looks amazing! I jsut love the lion statue!

  3. Love your photos and now I'm so hungry time for a quick lunch. Happy Sunday!

  4. Your photos are so vibrant and beautiful! Thanks for sharing - I'm here from SIMC.

  5. Your soup looks so wonderful I can almost smell it. Yum!
    Happy SMIC from Los Angeles,

  6. You have soup here and I have shusi...
    Those chillies look great but to eat - hot, hot, HOT! :)

    Happy SIMC from Casa, Morocco!


  7. I'm impressed that you knew it was basil - limp or otherwise! I'll think of you each time I drive by Cabramatta on our occasional trips to the Big Smoke.

  8. Your pictures are gorgeous. I could totally go for some of that soup right this instant!

  9. Oh, those chiles look delicious - the hotter the better for me.

  10. Hey - I have given your "original blog post" a plug on DFF as my read of the week. I "borrowed" your profile picture to advertise it. Hope that is ok? Let me know if you would prefer I use a different picture :)

  11. Yum! I think photographing food is very difficult without doctoring it up so that it is inedible, so well done.

    The shot of the chillies is amazing!

  12. Hey Leanne! I love being your original blog post for this week. Thanks! The profile pic is ok. I hate having my photo taken and I always manage a dorky expression.

    I'm in a bit of a blogging hole at the moment. I'm in the middle of the assignment from hell.