30 May, 2010

Sunday in My City: There is a storm brewing.

Sydney is bracing for a big storm which is expected to arrive tonight. We'll miss the worst of it but there will be some impressive sea swell.  Bare Island is one of my favorite spots in Sydney. It's locating inside Botany Bay and is normally protected from the open ocean.  Today the eastern side of the island was taking a battering.

Waves breaking onto the rocks.
Whale Watching
I suspect the guy on the rock is whale watching.
Humpback whales are travelling up the coast this time of year.
Body Surfer
We are expecting one of the worst storms of the year but there is always someone who will go surfing. 
I was a bit close for this shot and had to run to avoid getting wet when a big wave hit.
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  1. Great Photos! Hope the storm isn't too bad.

  2. They are brilliant photos. I can feel the wind chill!

  3. I love stormy Sundays as long as I can sit inside and watch from safety. Hope your day is great fun, whatever comes around.

  4. wow, amazing pictures!
    What a place that guys has for whale watching...
    That last wave is scary...
    Hope the storm is not too wild!

    Sunny SIMC greetings from Casablanca, Morocco!


  5. Those are seriously beautiful shots! Have you ever seen a Humpback whale?

    P.S. I just love that word Nutter..LOL

  6. Oh! This made me want to run to the ocean...if only it wasn't packed to the gills this holiday weekend.

  7. Amazing shots of a stunning location!

  8. Awesome Pics!!! I wish we'd get some nice swells our beach is a lil flat

  9. i love sydney beaches in winter and storms...gosh it's just plain long sandy beaches here and they're not pretty...i talk so much about how great oz is all my kids want to move there lol.

  10. Wow, wow, I love those weaves, it sound dangerous but I feel like I want to surf on them even if I don't know how to surf, :). Happy Sunday.

  11. Ohhhh, i especially like that last shot. Gorgeous!

    Happy SIMC-- Hope the storm takes it easy on you.


  12. Beautiful!!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  13. The sea looks amazingly beautiful! Hope you didn't get hit too hard!

  14. Those are some beautiful shots! I love the beach, storms on the way or otherwise!