31 July, 2010

Scenic Sunday: Woronora River

Dear Winter,
I'm through with you.  Please go away.

Not so kind regards,


I got sick of waiting for a clear day to take some photos, so I decided to try capturing the river near my house as it was covered in fog.  The fog was starting to clear as I arrived so I probably missed the best shots, but it was cold and I didn't want to get out of bed.

Woronora Bridge
Woronora Bridge disappearing into the fog.

Woronora River
Woronora River as the sun breaks through the fog.
Have a wonderful Scenic Sunday
I'm off to watch the rugby.  GO WALLABIES!

19 July, 2010

Macro Monday: Zygocactus

I'm having a bit of a run with flower macro photos at the moment.
I couldn't resist posting a shot of my zygocactus which burst into
flower this week.  It always surprises me when it flowers,
probably because the poor plant is so neglected.  It surprises me
it's still alive.


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18 July, 2010

Sunday In My City: Rainbow Lorikeet

Sunday In My City comes from home today.  I don't have to move off the deck to enjoy a wonderful Sunday in Sydney. 

Sunday mornings are my favourite time of the week.  Breakfast on the deck in the sun (even in winter), enjoying lots of coffee and reading the newspaper. It's my ideal way to start the week. 

Occasionally we are joined on the deck by a few lorikeets looking for a free meal.  I don't feed them often as they develop a dependency but a few bits of apple once in a while won't hurt.

Rainbow Lorikeet

As beautiful as they are, they're very messy eaters.

Rainbow Lorikeet

and how do the great furry hunters which also live in the house react when we are visited by the lorikeets? 

Yep, possibly the laziest cats on the planet.  Which is good for the birds.

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14 July, 2010

Watery Wednesday: Lion Fountain

Welcome to Watery Wednesday.  This photo was taken in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.  We were staying in a wonderful guest house and the fountain was hidden away in the gardens.

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12 July, 2010

Challenge #51: Small Change

The good folks at Blog This have thrown up a photography challenge which I couldn't resist.  The theme is change and it's something very close to my heart. 

Every day my beloved comes home from a hard day in the salt mines and empties all the change out of his pockets into a jar.  When the jar is full, he gets another jar and starts again.  This, dear friends, drives me nuts.   There is enough coins in jars around the house to end poverty .... or buy shoes. (yes, I'm shallow, I don't know how I live with myself)


The jar in this photo is special.  These are the coins he emptied out of his pockets while he was a smelly backpacker travelling the world.

It was only while I laying on the floor taking the photo I realised the double meaning of change these coins represent.  Many of these coins don't exist anymore.  They are pre-Euro and have been phased out of the economy.  Other coins are from Eastern European countries which are now very different from those which existed in the 1980's.  This jar holds our own little piece of history.  I guess I won't be buying shoes with this lot.

Note:  while lying on the floor taking the photo I also noticed how grubby the carpet is.  Thankfully I managed to edit out the worst bits.

Macro Monday: Winter Garden

Lisa's Chaos
Enough complaining about the winter weather.  It happens every year so I shouldn't be surprised that it is cold.  One of the great things about winter in Australia is this is when many of the native plants flower so it's a great time for macro shots.

I went for a walk through my garden this morning to see what has started to flower.  It's still a little early and I can see lots of buds that will look great in a couple weeks.  My grevillea never stops flowering so I know I can always get a photo of them and the Kangaroo Paw has been going strong for a few weeks now.

Kangaroo Paw
Kangaroo Paw


Grevillea 'Superb'
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11 July, 2010

Scenic Sunday: Botany Bay

I'm having a few technical difficulties with my new camera so I haven't had many respectable photos to post for a couple of weeks.  The new camera is great if I can ignore the fact that everything is a beautiful shade of blue.  I've been using it on manual settings so I have to work out which setting I've got wrong.

Today's photos are views of Botany Bay looking south towards the area of Sydney where I live.  These were taken with my old camera while it was still working.
Botany Bay
Botany Bay at sunset.

I don't see many monks around Sydney so it's always nice to see them visiting the sites like any other tourist.

It's winter here so I can understand the socks.
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04 July, 2010

Scenic Sunday: Waverley Cemetery

It may be a little ghoulish, but I love cemeteries.  Cemeteries are a  great place to take photos since nothing much moves there (hopefully).

Waverly Cemetery sits above the cliff looking east over the ocean in the suburb of Bronte.  It's a beautiful location and it always amazes me that this prime piece of real estate has not been used for expensive housing. It's comforting to know that beautiful views can be saved for the deceased.

Waverley Cemetery
Sunset at Waverley Cemetery

This photo was taken before dawn with a 30 second exposure.  It was still dark and I had to use a torch to get enough light to focus the camera. 

RIP William Barclay
RIP William Barclay

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