04 July, 2010

Scenic Sunday: Waverley Cemetery

It may be a little ghoulish, but I love cemeteries.  Cemeteries are a  great place to take photos since nothing much moves there (hopefully).

Waverly Cemetery sits above the cliff looking east over the ocean in the suburb of Bronte.  It's a beautiful location and it always amazes me that this prime piece of real estate has not been used for expensive housing. It's comforting to know that beautiful views can be saved for the deceased.

Waverley Cemetery
Sunset at Waverley Cemetery

This photo was taken before dawn with a 30 second exposure.  It was still dark and I had to use a torch to get enough light to focus the camera. 

RIP William Barclay
RIP William Barclay

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  1. I agree! I love a good cemetery with a view! There is one at Mollymook (NSW South Coast) that has a bloody good outlook too, and it warms my heart that death can hold great beauty. Beautiful photos! Happy Sunday. L
    PS the word verification thingo was "swinest". I just want to say I'm not Swinest at all ...while I may eat bacon ... I do love pigs. Honest I do.

  2. I would have no problem living next to a cemetary. They are often the most peaceful places to wander or sit.
    What a lovely view these souls have!

  3. Some of the cemetaries are so beautiful. So in this fall. Amazing sunset. I like the statue photo too.

  4. Surely a place which breathes history. Beautiful set in scene. Please have a nice Sunday.

    daily athens

  5. That middle shot of the statue before dawn is just glorious. Count me in as a cemetery-tragic. I am looking for a tour of the graveyards of the UK.