18 July, 2010

Sunday In My City: Rainbow Lorikeet

Sunday In My City comes from home today.  I don't have to move off the deck to enjoy a wonderful Sunday in Sydney. 

Sunday mornings are my favourite time of the week.  Breakfast on the deck in the sun (even in winter), enjoying lots of coffee and reading the newspaper. It's my ideal way to start the week. 

Occasionally we are joined on the deck by a few lorikeets looking for a free meal.  I don't feed them often as they develop a dependency but a few bits of apple once in a while won't hurt.

Rainbow Lorikeet

As beautiful as they are, they're very messy eaters.

Rainbow Lorikeet

and how do the great furry hunters which also live in the house react when we are visited by the lorikeets? 

Yep, possibly the laziest cats on the planet.  Which is good for the birds.

It's time to visit Sunday around the world with Sunday In My City.


  1. Oh wow, that is a real winner for me. Their colours are fantastic. Enjoy your Sunday. xxx

    PS: The cats are also cute.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful birds. I am so excited that where we moved to here, we see them all the time. But I've never had the chance to photograph them up close like this. Amazing shots! And I just love that photo of the cats, meanwhile. Hilarious :D

  3. What beautiful visitors to your deck. The only birdlife that visits our yard are pesky Indian Myna birds that eat the cat food!

  4. Oh, those bird shots are beautiful! He/She is well colored! :)

    I have moved to WordPress!
    I hope to see you there.
    Next week I'll be back on track and post a 'normal' SIMC post.

    Sunny greetings from Casa!
    ps. sorry I write this same note to all participants... :)

    ps ps. If you don't change the settings I'm not able to comment in a future. I don't know why open ID didn't accept my new url - haven't had any difficulties on other blogs...

  5. Living in an area where the most exotic bird is a dull woodpecker, these lorikeets are gorgeous! How cool to have them come to feed on your porch!

  6. The most exotic birds in my neighbourhood are magpies. But they are also the most disliked for their viciousness. To have a beautiful bird chewing an apple, even with a little mess,would be a nice scene indeed. Great shots. Love the resting cats too.

  7. I love it when the first blog that I read of the day - I learn something new right away. (and I get to rhyme as well! lol)

    I've never heard of a lorikeet, nor have I seen one, until today. Thank you for that.

    Two lazy slugs laying on the floor (a gorgeous floor by the way) I've seen that before, but always makes me smile. They are so cute, just barely touching each other.

    Kristin - The Goat

  8. Wow those birds are beautiful! so vibrant looking! I think I would be naughty and feed them alot..lol

  9. What gorgeous birds! Oh, my goodness! Here from SIMC

  10. Ah yes. Love a good rainbow lori photo.

  11. If you hadn't said so I would have the thought the gorgeous lorikeets where family pets! Very cool.
    Happy SIMC,

  12. The kitty on the right looks just like mine. :)

  13. Oh my good heavens. They are nothing short of SPECTACULAR! Of course they are messy. They couldn't be that pretty and NOT have a flaw, right? : )

  14. Those rainbow lorikeets are just gorgeous. Now I am a tad homesick for Sydney. I hope you had a lovely Sunday.

  15. The colors on the lorikeets are unbelievably beautiful.