05 May, 2010

Looking Back - Visiting My First Blog Post

I've had a wonderful few days away and now it is time to get back into this blogging caper.  Jacinta at Live Life Now has been digging into the past to re-post her first blog.  She has tagged me visit my first blog.  The challenge was started by started by Sarah at Just Me.
          Sarah wrote:
What I want you to do is repost your very first blog post. I want to see how things are different now, if you write differently, if you write about the same topic, if you did a “hi this is why I’m blogging” sort of post or if you just got straight into it.
Then I want you to tag five people to do the same.
The Betrayal  was my first blog.  It was a verbose rant about my cleaners having the audacity to want to go on holidays.  I had arrived home to find a note telling me that my cleaners where going on a special long holiday for seven weeks over Christmas and January.  I was horrified at the prospect of having to clean up after myself and was oozing self-pity.  As promised in the blog, I managed to get the house into an absolute pigsty for them to clean up when they returned.

My single comment was from Jacinta which I have included for your reading pleasure:

 livemorenow said...
oh that makes me laugh to the point of being a bit sick. Why don't you check into a hotel?
I was overwhelmed by her compassion.

It's interesting that I should revisit this post now as the house is once again looking like a pigsty.  This time, however, it's completely of my doing: I've canceled the cleaners for a few weeks.  The Ignore Reality household have been complete chaos for the last month.  Both my in-laws have been in and out of hospital and have not been able to look after themselves.  My father in-law has been living with us while he recovers and my mother in-law has been moving back and forth between hospital and respite care.

I still like the images I used in the original post.
Normally in this situation a cleaner would be welcome and much needed assistance but for a major flaw in my personality:  I have to have the house clean before the cleaners arrive.  I can't deal with the prospect of
knowing that somebody will be coming to my house when it's a mess, so the night before the cleaners are due, I can be up until midnight making sure everything is tidy.  Yep, I'm getting value for money there.

It was fun visiting the past and, rather than limit this to five people to do the same, I'm going to tell everybody to blow the dust of your first blog and bring it out to play.

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  1. Welcome back! Have missed reading your blog. Too funny on the needing to clean before the cleaners come. Have a friend who does the same, lol. Must concur with the comic, housework IS evil & must be stopped.