15 January, 2010


I'm filled with despair.

I have looked forward to this moment for weeks and now I feel so let down.

I'm inconsolable.

Totally devastated.

Life has lost all meaning.

I though the cleaners were back from holidays today but now I realise they are back next week.

I'm too distraught to say more because I made a special “welcome back” mess for them and now I will have to deal with this myself.
and if you are wondering,
Yes, I am a lazy cow who has no job but kept the cleaners.  I don't know how I live with myself.


  1. Hehe - I get this! Did you read my post on "Cleaning for the Cleaner"? lol.

  2. Surely you can leave it there for another week? Just keep your eyes looking above the mess at all times!

  3. Just get a broom and push it in front of you to clear a path to the most direct locations. Then you can do at Kellyansapansa says and keep your eyes ever upwards!