11 April, 2010

Sunday in my City: Suburban Warriors

Visit any suburban sports field in Sydney on a Sunday and you're sure to find some action.  I now have deep respect for sports photographers.  In my first attempt at sports photography many, many photos were taken and most were deleted.

The winner of this Rugby League match was the team in green and white, which is my local team (yay team!)
Four against one and he is still going.

If I look fierce you might miss the tackle.

Who cares about the main game when you can have your own battle on the sideline?

I overheard the kids discussing how they thought they were good enough to tackle the adults in the main game. 
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  1. Awesome pictures. How fun! Those men look SO strong. I would not like to get run over by them! The kids are the CUTEST : ) Don't you love their spunk? : )

  2. how totally cool is that...do you know how long it has been since i saw a game of rugby! love your pics, and they are very good for the first time!

  3. Great feeling and action in all these images!
    But who is the man in back, 1st image - is he on tv screen? A coach? :)

    Happy 'Sunday in My City' greetings from Casablanca, Morocco!


  4. These are wonderful pictures, you really captured the action! I've never actually watched a rugby game before... maybe I shall read up on it =)

  5. awww... i love the intense look you captured in picture two.
    however the last one kicks butt !~

  6. I think you got some incredible action shots!