24 April, 2010


ANZAC Day 2010

Both my Grandfathers fought in World War II. Happily they both survived the war and lived full lives. It's been many years since they passed away and life seems to move on so quickly. ANZAC day is this time when I find myself thinking about their experiences during the war. To my shame, I know very little about their service history. I know that one served in New Guinea and Borneo but the war was never discussed by my family.

Charles HoareLester Moore

Other members of my family also fought for my country or took on war time roles but ANZAC day always makes me think of my Grandfathers. I wonder if I would have the strength to go to war if my country needed me. I feel deep gratitude for their contribution.

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  1. Vicki, they are both gorgeous looking gents in their uniforms. To have both fight and both return is wonderful and lucky.