21 February, 2010

So Slow...

Ahhh Sunday. Sunday is the day when I indulge myself with relaxation and coffee. Everything is peaceful (except one of the cats which having a bunny chasing dream and is making a weird howling noise. I can ignore this.) As I sit of my deck, I'm surrounded by bird song and the sound of boats traveling along a nearby river (and weird cat howls. Maybe I can't ignore this).

There are so many things I want to get done today:
  • Finish the garden watering system I was mid way through installing when I was interrupted by the best rain we have had in four years.
  • There is a mountain of ironing that has finally grown so high that I can't continue to look above it and pretend it's not here without putting my neck out of joint.
  • I have paperwork strewn all over this office, all of which is well past the due date.
  • My car needs washing. (i.e. I need to pay someone to wash my car)

Let's get realistic, none of this is going to happen. It's Sunday and I really can't be bothered. I think I'll just catch up on what is happening in blog-land and then have a little lay down.

I love Sundays.
The cat howls are starting to freak me out.  


  1. get yer arse into gear - some of that paperwork is needed at my office :) You know which lot it is.

    [dasibl - a clay representation of a spoonbill]

  2. Sundays with nothing to do are the best. You should totally ignore the ironing!

  3. Shake it out and hang it out - or smooth and fold - that's my theory with ironing. And Sundays are a day of rest - I'm pretty sure that's a law...

  4. Hope you had a lovely day Vicki......sundays are our blobbing day too....lurve it :)

  5. Sunday is a day of rest! Nothing bets a go slow day filled with plenty of R & R. The to do list and ironing will still be there tomorrow :)

  6. Ironing?!?! Forget ironing. If it needs ironing don't buy it. Or pay someone else to do it :) Hope you had a great Sunday.

    herseand - a black station wagon that was a good thought at the time of ordering, but looks a little too hearse-like on arrival.

  7. Yeah, what she said (livemorenow), oh, by the way, there is a price increase happening sooooon.