13 February, 2010

Honest Scrap (or Ten Things You Really Need to Know)

Two blogs in one day ... blogging frenzy!

A while ago Jacinta at Live Life Now sent me an Honest Scrap Award. Since then I have been drafting my list of 10 little known things about myself. Kinda tough since I tend to tell everybody everything about myself (regardless of their level of interest). It's taken me a while to finally decide on ten fascinating things about me that I know you have all be dying to know.

1.  Somehow I managed to be in Berlin when the Berlin Wall came down. Accident. I was backpacking around Europe and hadn't read a newspaper for months. I didn't have enough money to pay for a bed for that night so I caught the first overnight train to anywhere which I could sleep on. It just happened to be going to Berlin and it was November 1989.

2.  I fell in the fish pond at my Aunt's wedding. I was little and the fish pond was so interesting. My sister and I were flower girls at the wedding being held at the German Embassy in Canberra. All very posh. I was all frocked up in some glorious pink number and was happily milking the “awww, isn't she cute” routine. Not so cute after being fished out of the pond looking like a drowned rat.

3.  I represented Australia at the Eurovision song contest. Hang on, this one isn't true. Do they have to be true things? Probably. I better change it to: I always wanted to be a professional singer. This was always going to be a challenge considering my complete lack of talent in the vocal department. I can still do a kick-arse air guitar.

4.  I dislike brussel sprouts. Nasty little things have no reason being on this earth.

5. At nine months old I started walking. I have been running into things ever since. I have been told my clumsiness can be attributed to me not bothering with the crawling phase. Personally I think it has more to do with me not watching where I am going.

6.  There are tigers in my back yard. Well, I think there might be but it is such a goddamn mess back there that I really can't be sure. My backyard has gone feral and I'm not brave enough to clean it up. I'm thinking of getting the Air Force to drop some napalm in there.

7.  I was the backstroke champion at my junior high school. I was also the only person at my school who could swim backstroke. (It was a very small school).

8.  I would like to work at the United Nations. It drives me nuts that an organisation that has the potential to be an amazing global unifying force is run by a bunch of bureaucrats. If I could just get in there and crack a few skulls together it would be running like clockwork by lunch time. Maybe I'm being a little naive?

9.  I was the Tamworth Connect Four champion some time in the early eighties. Connect Four is a game where you try to be the first player to line up four coloured disks. I had the game at home and was a bit of a legend at it. A shop in Tamworth was holding a Connect Four competition and I only entered because I had nothing better to do. I left a trail of kids crying for their mummy as I swept all other competitors away. My prize for this amazing feat … I won a Connect Four game. So worth the effort. Not.

10.  After all this time I still have the biggest crush on Harrison Ford. Oh Harrison, you can fly my space ship any time.

I'm going to cheat a little and hold on to this award for a while.  I'm going to wait until it goes all quiet on the award front before I surprise a worthy recipient.  So everybody has to be super-nice to me until then.


  1. What a fantastic list! I love these awards because it gives me the chance to get to know my blogging friends just that little bit better. Or maybe I"m just nosy. Whatever. Congratulations on your award!

  2. Hi Vicki! What a great list. I'm also not a fan of brussel sprouts either - I refuse to buy them for the family - yuk, yuk!!
    I'm about to become your 20th 'follower' :)

  3. Great list! Wow you reeled me in with the Eurovision thing only to reel me down again. RAH.

  4. I love your list and I love your crush on Harrison Ford. Me too. I also still love Connect Four and am only slightly ashamed to admit that I cannot let my kids win Connect Four against me.

  5. Great post! Had me blaughing at backstroke.

  6. One of the problems with having your sister lurking around is that someone like me can spot when you have told only half of a story. Perhaps you could blog a little more about your swimming talents and why being good at backstroke is so remarkable ;)

  7. Ah, I needed a good snort-myself laugh - thanks for helping me achieve it!