21 December, 2009

The Sugar Doll Bloggers Award

I have been presented with a challenge.  If I can list ten things things about myself that nobody in blog land knows I can have an award.  And I do love an award.  Do I get to do a speech at the presentation ceremony?  As I am a narcissist I jumped at the opportunity to discuss the subject I spend so much time thinking about ...  - me.

1. I have a birthmark on my right leg that didn't appear until I was seven.  When it first turned up I thought it was dirt and I would try to wash it off.  Being covered in dirt was pretty normal for me at that age.  I was a messy child.

2. I have no appreciation for poetry.  I know this makes me a philistine but I just don't get it.  If you have something to say, just say it.  Don't flounce it all up and stick in some some hidden meanings.  I do, however have a favourite poem that I would like to share with you:
Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear
Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair
So he wasn't fuzzy wuz he

3. I was born in the year of the monkey.  Monkeys are lively, interesting but are also troublesome and rebellious.  Monkeys tend to be accident-prone.  We can forgive, but we never forget and we can be vengeful.  Does this sound like me?

4. I can't bake scones.  Both my grandmothers were founding members of their local branch of CWA and I all I can produce are nasty little dough rocks.  I have shamed my family.

5. My second toe is longer than my big toe. A bit ugly.  A bit weird.

6. My favourite artist is Jeffrey Smart.  I don't know alot about art but there is something in his work that captivates me.   Anybody who worked with me in my previous job will see great irony in this.

7. I want to travel to Syria and Jordan before some idiot starts a war there and blows it all up. 

8. I sing along with Doris Day films.

I just blew in from the windy city
The windy city is mighty pretty
But they ain't got what we got, no sirree

It's not pretty, but its fun.  You know you want to sing along with me.

9. I dislike horses.  When most girls desperately want a horse, I desperately wanted to get rid of one.  My cousin's pony had been brought out to the farm and it was my job to exercise it.  It was a nasty, angry animal which suffered from short horse syndrome. It got it's jollies by disappearing over the horizon after dumping me on my arse.  I hated it and it hated me. 

10. When I was a kid I had a pet duck that thought it was a pigeon.  It used to fly around with the pigeons that would hang around the farm and would perch on the roof of the wool shed. This was not a small duck.  It was a muscovy duck that should have been too heavy to leave the ground.

That's my ten pieces of fascinating information.  It's might be nine too many (I'm sure everybody wanted to know about my duck).  I'm a bit impatient so I have helped myself to the award rather than wait for the awards ceremony (monkey trait).  I would like to thank my sister, Jacinta, at Live Life Now for giving me the opportunity to talk about myself.  It probably shouldn't be encouraged.

One final thing. 
With this award comes the responsibility to pass it onto other worthy bloggers.  I am new to the world of blogging and I ask your patience while I delay this responsibility until I find my space in the blog-sphere.


  1. the toe thing. apparently that makes you athletic. mmm, food for thought.

  2. Hi Kate
    I do play a lot of sport but I'm really clumsy and never manage to stay upright long enough to be any good at it. My old hockey club once contemplated selling advertising space on the soles of my shoes because I fell over so much.