02 November, 2010

Time Wasters

I've been a bit distracted .... for a couple of months. I'm not too sure where the time went but I know I've be busy doing .... errr ... something.

Today is the day I get back into studying. It's not only my blog which had been left neglected. I haven't look at the books for six weeks and I'm starting to get "are you still alive?" emails from my tutor.  I'm having trouble concentrating and I've found myself doing all sorts of stupid things today to avoid the books.  I have listed 10 of my best distractions for today:-

1. Read the newspaper...
Today is a very important day to know what is going on in the world ... or more specifically, Melbourne.
   Who is the current favourite for the Melbourne Cup?
      Is it raining?
         Have there been any late scratchings?
                Are the frocks spectacular?
All vital information for someone contemplating a wager on the nags. Sadly I'm not going to place any bets this year because    I HAVE TO CONCENTRATE AND DO SOME STUDY!

2. Check Facebook
Only a small number of my friends still bother posting anything to Facebook anymore but you never know when some gem of wisdom will be unleashed on the world. I certainly don't want to be the one who misses it.
    .... Nothing new on Facebook today. Just as well, because I should be studying.

3. Ring my mother
I haven't spoken to my mother for a while so I though I should do the good daughter thing and give her a call. She wasn't home.  Now I think about it, I recall she was planning a holiday to Europe. Bugger, I hate it when parents leave the country and don't tell you. Mum probably didn't want to phone and disturb me while I was studying.

4. Find the missing grey pen
I have a set of a dozen brightly coloured pens that I use to take notes with when I'm studying. I lined them all up neatly so I could use them in the correct sequence and to my horror ... the grey pen is missing. I can't possibly do any work with only eleven brightly coloured pens. Turn the house upside down until it is found. Just between you and me, I don't really like the grey pen and when I find it I probably won't use it.

5. Put flea killer on the cats
This is not a job to be taken lightly. The first cat is easy, she's asleep and never sees you coming. It's the second cat which is the problem. She has been woken by the banshee wail and the sound of the first cat and I rolling around on the floor while I try to hold her long enough to get the tiny drop of flea stuff behind her head. Second cat is not dumb and she heads for the hills. Ahhh, but I am smarter than that - all exits have already been sealed. Now if I could take some of those smarts and apply them to my assignment ....

6. Check Facebook again
I have this theory that sooner or later someone will be in desperate need of help and the only way they can reach anybody is via Facebook. It is a civic duty for me to check frequently to ensure there isn't anybody out there crying out for my assistance.
So far, so good. Nobody needing to be rescued today.

7. Have pointless conversation with someone on FaceBook
Since nobody had posted anything thing interesting on Facebook today it was up to me to post my status. Happily for me this triggered a pointless conversation with my nephew about ethics, Pamplona and yellowcake uranium. My nephew should also be studying. Misery love company.

8. Learn to play a song which I don't really like.
I play the guitar [very badly] and sometimes it can help me to focus if I play a few songs. I'm still learning so my choice of songs is somewhat limited. Generally songs which are easy are not the songs I like. Puff the Magic Dragon is a song I loathe. Even as a child I hated it. It makes me gag. Today I spent an hour learning to play Puff the Magic Dragon.

9. Catch up on the blog-a-sphere

Not only has my own blog been neglected, I've fallen behin in reading about everybody else out there. Bad Vicki. Time to catch up with everybodys blogs.

Only 715 posts to go. Good grief, you lot are prolific.

10. Dust of the blog and tell the world about my day.
I concede defeat. Studying is not going to happen today. I was gallant in my attempts but sadly I failed dismally but it seems I can find the time to tell you all about it.

Maybe I'll have a better day tomorrow.  I wonder what is on telly?


  1. Hahaha. Welcome back. Better luck tomorrow with those books.

  2. LOL. So pleased to see you appearing back on my blog roll. Woot woot!! Best wishes with the study ...

  3. I can totally relate to this! Hope the studying is going okay and I look forward to visiting more frequently in 2011 so you'd better have something here for me to read! xx